Additive + AI + Casting

Custom metal parts with additive design freedom, AI automation, and cast metal properties


Industry Compatible

Metal parts produced by our system have the properties of an industrial casting. These parts are drop-in replacements for applications where castings are the industry standard.


Forget about the "mystery metals" produced by many metal 3D printing solutions. Our casting process produces isotropic metal parts with the mechanical performance of a true casting.

High Precision

Unlike many metal 3D printing solutions that struggle with 15-25% shrinkage, our casting process produces parts with uniform 1-2% shrinkage resulting in consistent tolerances.

Standard Materials

No need for expensive metal powders, our system uses casting alloys with standard material properties that are over 10x more affordable than those used in metal 3D printers.


Our system offers the most capital efficient solution for producing metal parts in-house. It costs up to 10x less than metal 3D printers with minimal facility requirements.

High Speed

Our modular system design facilitates parallel manufacturing that can scale from prototyping to volume production with a maximum throughput that exceeds even the fastest metal 3D printers.

Who Are We?

MetalMaker  is  a  US/EU  based
advanced manufacturing  startup
with  venture  capital funding  from
Techstars and Stanley Black & Decker.

We are building  the MetalMaker  System
as a unique  solution for producing custom
metal parts, combining  the best of  additive
manufacturing, AI, and industrial metal casting.

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Who Are We?

MetalMaker   3D   is   a   US/EU    based    advanced
manufacturing   startup   with   VC  funding   from
Techstars    and     Stanley   Black and    Decker.

We’re   building   the   MetalMaker   System
as   a   unique   solution   for   producing
custom     metal     parts,     combining
the     best   of     additive,   AI,     and
industrial         metal         casting.

About Us
Get In Touch

Do you   want   to discuss   specific   use - cases or
potential     applications   for     our   technology?

Do  you  want   to learn   more about   how our
system can   add  value to  your   business?

Do  not   hesitate to   reach  out   to us.
We   would  be   happy  to   meet you!

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