Developing a Compact, Affordable, and Intuitive Foundry for Casting Metal Parts

Our Technology

Industry Compatible

Metal parts produced by our casting processes have the properties of an industrial casting. These parts are a drop in replacement for industrial applications that require parts with known properties.


Forget about the "mystery metals" produced by many metal 3D printing solutions. Our casting processes produce isotropic metal parts with the mechanical performance of a true casting.

High Precision

Unlike many metal 3D printing solutions that struggle with 15-25% shrinkage, our casting processes produce parts with uniform 1% shrinkage resulting in consistent dimensional tolerances.

Standard Materials

No need for expensive metal powders, our foundry system uses standard casting alloy materials that are over 10x more affordable than those used in metal 3D printers.


Our foundry system offers the a capital efficient solution for producing metal parts in-house. Our system costs up to 10x less than metal 3D printers.

High Speed

Our modular system design facilitates scalable parallel manufacturing from prototyping to low-volume production. 10x faster than outsourcing.

Our Investors